Three's enough

They are musician of sorts by birdh. Due to their excellence in plaiyng musical instrumets of all types, more and more musicians from the former East bloc in Europe are being recruied to come and perform in the Middle East. Another advantage is that these musicians and singers are multi-lingual which means that they can easily entertain guests of all nationalities. The latest such band to arrive in Dubai is the Starline plaiyng at The Office Restaurant Metropolitan Palace Hotel in Dubai.

Made up of three members -two women and a man -Starline is from Slovakia. Led by Vladimir Valentiny,or Vany as he is affectionately called,the band's singers are Iveta Sujova and Zuzana Felixova. Vany was a mants and sciense teacher before he started as a musicians. Even while teaching, he used to play the piano. He says he left his job as a teacher because the work load was increasing but the pay was not.So, instead of carrying on teaching, he decided to do what he really liked to do- to be a musician. He joined a band but moved on to another soon enough.After moving from band to band,he decided to form his own outfit.

And so he started Vany Trio, which inclued him and two other musicians. This was eleven years ago. And one day when he was playing at this restaurant, he came across a young waitress Iveta Sujova whom he had heard humming songs. He felt she had the talent but needed some practice with her voice. So,he advised her to practice singing and when he was satisfied that she was good enough he asked her to join his band.

And since then Iveta has been with him. The other singer,Zuzana, however is relatively new to the band. She joined them one year ago. Before this was singing with her father who is a musician too. But she wanted to branch out and joined Vany and has been with him since then. The Trio have travelled to many countries in Europe including Germany, Switzerland and Austria and to Bahrain,Jordan and Tunisia in the Middle East.

They sing in Slovak German,Italian,Spanish and English besides gypsy songs. While Vany likes the songs of Chris Rea and Frank Sinatra, Iveta alias Eva,too prefers Sinatra and Celine Dion. Zuzana on the other hand admires Natalie Cole. She is a fan of Britney Spears. That evening they entertained the guests by singing in different languages. In English, it was the Beatles,Celine Dion's evergreen favourite My Heart Will Go On,Half a Minute by Matt Bianco and Money,Money by Abba. In Spanish it was Julio Iglesias whose songs they sang. But the most interesting part was when they switched to gypsy numbers to a foot-tappiing beat. Such was the pull of the music that they burst out dancing much to the delight of the guests. In fact,they received a pleasant surprise when some of the people present there asked them to sing some Slovak numbres

In a place like Dubai where things change so swiftly and people are always on the lookout for something fresh,here is a new band to entertain you. So if you wish to listen to international music plus some gypsy tunes,head for The STARLINE BAND.

Gulf News - Dubai, U.A.E.